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Toddler Room

The Toddlers’ Room is all about having fun whilst learning, the children are encouraged to take the lead with their learning, making choices about their own day. The room is bursting with accessible toys, books, cars, trains, bricks, paint and so much more! 

The opportunities for play are endless.


The Day


Our qualified, experienced and dedicated team of educators are always on hand, using a Key Person approach to help each child develop and learn, encouraging their play and demonstrating new ideas, going on walks around the local area and joining in with all activities. 


This learning and development is actively shared with yourselves through daily conversations, discussing when your child has slept, what they have eaten and what they have enjoyed throughout the day.


The ‘Learning Journey’ will continue from Nursery into Toddlers (Or start if you join us in Toddlers) which will be available to parents via FAMLY

Need a rest? 

All this excitement can be rather tiring, so of course we have comfortable rest beds for the children to nap during the afternoon should they wish too.


The space


The Toddler Room is a large open room full of natural light, the room benefits from a separate nappy changing and toilet facility.


The Toddlers have ‘free-flow’ access to a secure and well-equipped garden. The children are encouraged to go outside to play and explore a range of outdoor activities.


Our Educators believe the best play and learning happens outside, therefore we encourage children to play outside in all weathers. Coats, winter hats, summer caps, wellington boots, sun cream station, wet suits, umbrellas - we are fully equipped for all weather! 

Rated GOOD by OFSTED 2019 

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