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Each child that joins us will begin a Scallywags ‘Learning Journey’, which is available to parents and carers via a secure online platform called FAMLY.

FAMLY Learning Journey

FAMLY supports us to build a very special, unique record of our children’s learning and development during their time with us. Using photos, videos, and written observations we are able to share with parents and carers about their child’s day, the activities they have enjoyed and how much fun they are having.     

Parents and carers can access FAMLY via a PC, or an easy-to-use, secure app. We encourage all parents and carers to use FAMLY to upload their own photos, videos, and text, sharing special events such as birthdays, holidays, or family days out. Or even just what they have been up to at the weekend!

Our children, especially our pre-schoolers, love to talk about and show their friends what they have been up to, and FAMLY is a great way that we can do this. It’s a fantastic way to consolidate their learning and development. 

The use of FAMLY helps aid communication between staff and parents, in turn, promoting a shared understanding of how their child is developing ensuring they are reaching their full potential. 


Want to learn more about how we use FAMLY?

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