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Founded by Belinda Ryan in 1988

Scallywags Nursery was founded in 1988. What began in the front room of a 3 bedroom house on Dorchester Road, has grown and developed over the past 30+ years into Scallywags Childcare Centre, our purpose built childcare facility. 

In loving memory of Belinda Ryan


Scallywags team in 1992

Taken in 1992 when the team was a little bit smaller!

Two of the staff in this photo are still part of our Scallywags team. 

Scallywags Outside-23 10.21.51.jpg

Scallywags Nursery was founded in 1988 by Belinda Ryan, with the support of her loving husband Paul Ryan.


The dream was to offer the best start to life possible to young children in Weymouth and the surrounding areas. With this goal, drive and determination Scallywags, and the Scallywags team, began to grow and grow. 

Fast forward over 30 years and Scallywags Nursery has become Scallywags Childcare Centre, a purpose built childcare facility that has positively impacted thousands of children's lives. 

To this day Scallywags Childcare Centre remains a single setting, family run business with the same core ethics, to treat every child with equality, dignity, value and worth.


We strive to go above and beyond to support families and continue to provide the best Early Years Education that we can in a safe and loving environment.

Belinda, founder, was ever present on the 'front line' at Scallywags as Director and Childcare Manager.


Amazingly, Belinda continued to grow Scallywags whilst battling primary Breast Cancer and later Metastatic Breast Cancer. Her forward thinking, knowledge and hands on approach made Scallywags what it is today.

Sadly, in September 2019 Belinda passed away. 


We miss her words of wisdom, kindness and love, her heart, humour, knowledge and smile. Belinda helped others whenever possible and offered guidance and support to all.


Belinda cannot be replaced at Scallywags but her light continues to shine here. 

Paul, Belinda's husband, remains the owner of Scallywags with Thomas, Belinda's youngest son, the Business Manager.

Belinda's daughter, Emily, works in the Toddler room and Belinda's eldest sons, Matthew and Benjamin, are often brought in for maintenance work! 

Scallywags Childcare Centre has a brilliant management team made up of Sarah - Manager, Rachel - Deputy Manager and Alice - Assistant Manager.


They bring a wealth of experience, determination, qualifications and perhaps most importantly, a passion for Early Years Education.


Together, along with our excellent team of Educators, they keep Scallywags Childcare Centre moving forward with a commitment to be better every day. 


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