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You might be wondering what happened at Scallywags during COVID19, how did we deal with it, what did we put in place to help protect the children and their families, the staff and their families and to help prevent, where possible, the spread of COVID19. 

Scallywags, at no point, charged during our short period of closure in lockdown one. We made the decision that we wouldn't attempt to charge any retainer fees during the pandemic.


We are here to support children's families wherever possible, we hope this helped our families financially during a tough time for all. Upon reopening, we understood that not all would feel safe about returning, so we offered deferrals of spaces, again with no retainer fees.


We frequently reviewed national and local guidance, continuously adjusting our practice at Scallywags and only when the world began 'opening up', did we start to bring all children back to Scallywags. 

  • Our cleaning was increased, with new methods and rotas introduced throughout our setting

  • Face masks introduced throughout all communal areas of the setting

  • Childcare bubbles introduced to limit contacts 

  • Additional Anti-Bac stations were added throughout the setting 

  • Drop off and Collection routines were adjusted to a queuing system 

  • COVID awareness documents given to staff - the team are excellent at monitoring symptoms 

Like many people, families and businesses, we faced our hardest year ever. At the beginning of the pandemic, we decided that we would do everything in our power to support and retain our team. We are incredibly proud to have kept our full staff team together and to have supported them as best we could throughout the pandemic. 

What did we learn? We learnt a lot about adapting our practice and our setting quickly. Together, as a team, we learnt to overcome obstacles whenever they presented themselves and to overcome them together. 

The main thing we learnt was that children, really can brighten up the darkest of days. 

We would be happy to share our COVID-19 documents and measures with you, please don't hesitate to ask. 

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